A Country of Grandmas

I was invited by The New Theatre Institute of Latvia (NTIL) as a
resident to join the creative team of the Latvian theatre company
KVADRIFRONS for the process of creating documentary
performance “A Country of Grandmas’”.

My participation in this project was quite unique as it
was a performance after all. The residency took place
in two parts. First part I had to document the
grandmother of the actors, who were in the
performance. I went together with the actors from the
theater company Kvadrifrons heir grandmothers in
different parts of Latvia, or the places of those who
had already passed away. I took portraits of them but
also little details of their daily life, gardens, homes,
etc.. To goal was to collect enough images that later
on, in the second part of the residency I would create
an exhibition in the performance, more exactly at the
exit of the performance, when the audience would