Nafee is a 20 year old man from Damascus. Together with his friend Samir, he posted, on “Free your Stuff Berlin” Facebook page, a message with a photo that got more than ten thousand “likes”, over 1500 comments and hundreds of private messages.

Without a permit they cannot work, but instead, they offered people their help to move things for free, to paint or to help students with Physics, Chemistry or Maths as they studied engineering back in Damascus.
What followed from this idea onwards, was more than they ever expected. They started having people calling on them when moving out, or inviting them for diner, or just going out for a beer with them. This way, they started a new life, a life in which they were more socially involved.
Nafee has arrived to Berlin one year ago, on 15 October 2015, but he could only start German classes only three month ago when he had finally obtained the required documents to do so. He would like to pursue university studies and attend Auto Engineering School as his dream job is to become an engineer for Audi Company. In the meantime, for now, his courage and kindness have given him and his friend a time full of enriching experiences in Berlin.